Additions & Renovations

Our aim when designing an addition is:

  • Make it appear as if “it always has been there” or contrast the addition to the house to make it read as new and different.

  • Review the passive solar capilibilty of the existing house and determine if the addition can make up for the lack of passive solar design

  • Review the existing insulation values and see if the insulation in the existing attic can be increased or, if siding is being replaced, rigid foam insulation can be applied below th new siding.

  • thinkGiraffe works with an energy consultant who reviews addition proposals to determine if the exisitng house and addition should be heated with one heat source or if the systems should be seperated.

  • We meet with clients and discuss in detail how the family uses the house. We ensure that the addition allows for future adjustments such as children becoming teenagers or leaving home, elderly parents moving in or working from home.

  • We try to make the addition not only function well as an addition but take the whole house to a next level.

Case Studies